Automatic Door Repair

We thrive in the Art of Automatic Door Repair!


Handicap Door button not working?

Try pulling outward on the button plate and see if its stuck by someone kicking it. Next step would be to assess if the power is turned on to the operator or slider. Sometimes the button needs to be replaced and other times it could be more serious. Call us and we will send a trained technician out to assess and repair.

Automatic Sliding door off the tracks?

Try turning off power and slide the doors back and forth. Check and see if there is a rock jammed under or between the doors. If not this could be more of a wheel or guide problem. Wheels do need to be replaced every 5 years or so on most brands. We can assess and diagnose when we are on site.

Door Sensors acting up?

Are the sensors picking up and seeing a ghost? Try turning off and on again and let it run its first cycle.  A simple cause of a “ghost” could be that something was moved into the view of the sensor but the sensor hasn’t calibrated to it.

Sometimes “ghosts” need to be expelled with an advanced calibration or a new sensor. Either way call us and get it fixed the first time. Who even wrote this?

Squeaking? Grinding? Rubbing?

I hope we are still talking doors here. If the noise of the door is not an obvious “rock in the track” then call us right away and protect your investment. Automatic sliding doors have a lot of unseen moving parts including belts, wheels, guides and motors. We stock a lot of parts so we can get you up as quickly as possible.

Check out our Automatics page for more information.

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