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We Fix Doors

Get Your Door Realignments Heeeere!

Get Your Door Realignments!

Is your door rubbing, dragging, sagging, or scraping the floor? Is your lock having trouble aligning with the strike?
Step 1. See above picture (We Fix Doors). Step 2. Call us (403) 650-5232 We have the solution. Most door problems start small and compound into bigger problems like damage to frame and doors or lock sticking and not working. We work on every door including Steel Doors, Aluminum Doors, Glass Doors and Wood Doors.

Door Slamming? Not Closing? Closer Leaking Oil?

Door Slamming Calgary

Repeat after me: A slamming door is a death sentence! A death sentence for the door and hardware. The slamming motion over time will rattle the connections and break the welds of an aluminum door.
More door closer problems consist of the door not shutting or the closer leaking oil. This indicates the closer needs to be replaced as the seals of the closer are no good.
We stock many different variations and brands of door closers as well as work on full glass doors as well.

Door Weatherstripping & Seals

Door Weatherstripping & Seals

We stock and have many options available to your weatherstripping needs. We even stock the little brush or rubber piece at the bottom that is called a Sweep. If water is coming in at the door when it rains give us a call. We can assess the water leak and reseal the threshold


We service and stock an array of hardware:

  • Butt Hinges / Continuous Hinge
  • Offset pivots / Glass Door Pivots
  • Fire Door Panic Bars
  • Handles / Lever Sets
  • Pulls / Pushes
  • Paddle Handles
  • Door Closers
  • Thresholds
  • Sweeps & Weatherstripping

Butt Hinges/Continuous Hinge Calgary