Barrier-Free Washroom Control Kits

Locking and Automating Washroom Doors for a Barrier-Free Restroom!

Accessible Washroom Control Kits

As per the Ontario building code and soon to be Alberta building code, there must be at least one or more barrier free washrooms in any new construction or large renovation project.

Accessible Washroom Control Kits

How it Works

Each barrier-free washroom must be equipped with an automatic operator and accessories which allows the user to open the door, enter the bathroom and allow the door to close behind them.

The interior “lock” button is pressed when the door has been closed locking the door in place. The buttons usually displays a red color showing the bathroom being locked and occupied.

When the user is ready to leave the bathroom they would hit the “open door” button which would unlock the door and open with the door opener.

barrier-free universal washroom control kit

A typical barrier-free universal washroom control kit includes a door opener, electric strike, relay, door contact, push to lock and push to open buttons.

There are also optional emergency call stations, duress buttons, and alarm systems when specified, but may require full time on site security staff in the building for those applications.

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External Links

We have found a couple of design guide for barrier-free applications below. Make sure your project follows local building codes for your area.