Soon everything will be automatic, why not start with your doors?

Handicap Door Operators (Barrier Free)

Handicap Auto Operator

Limitless Automatics and Doors is helping make the world more accessible one door at time. We can supply and install many different brands and models of automatic door openers to meet different specifications or your building’s specific needs.

Furthermore, we service all brands and stock service parts like buttons, washroom control kits, integration controllers, arms, motors and control boards to keep customers doors swinging!

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are convenient and are a great way to improve your entrance’s functionality and look. Many customers also feel much safer with sliders as they come equipped with safety beam sensors as well as dual acting motion detector sensors to prevent any unforeseen injuries caused by the misuse of doors.

Sliding doors also have many different options available that most people are not aware of. They can be set to one way mode, reduced open, hold open, or night mode and can be integrated easily with electric locks and card reader systems. They can be offered in glass, aluminum or steel and can be fire rated.

So whether your looking for a manual, ICU, single, bi-parting or telescoping slider, we’ve got you covered. 

Service & Preventative Maintenance 

Door sensor not picking people up? Push buttons not working? Hear a squeak or grinding noise?

Chances are if your doors aren’t moving, neither is your business. Let us come to the rescue with our fully stocked service vans, knowledge and expertise of ALL brands and door styles on the market. 

Or help us, help you by getting set up on one of our preventative maintenance programs that we’ll customize for you.

Call or e-mail us today and we’ll swing by and get it working like new!

Accessible Washroom Standard

 As per the Ontario building code and soon to be Alberta building code, there must be at least one or more barrier free washrooms in any new construction or large renovation project. Each barrier free washroom must also be equipped with an automatic operator and accessories which typically includes an electric strike, relay, door contact, push to lock and push to open buttons and more depending on the application. To learn more click here: Ontario Building Code Barrier Free Washroom

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